I don't consider myself a poet.

I've barely ever shown any interest in poetry, although here and there, some poems felt very close to me.

Recently, I found myself amid a digital flirt,
the task was simple, make words rhyme before the sun sets,
I had to do this for five days in a row,
and thought you might want to read how I gave poetry a go.

Now, I don't consider myself a person of romance,
and I did my best to prove this within my poems,
it's very hard to do so when your words rhyme,
I'll continue with the story, don't want to waste more of your time.

It started quite innocently, and honestly quite thoughtless,
but as it went on, I noticed I was reckless,
I flirted with someone married and all,
with no clear reason or feelings involed.

"Fuck, indeed I'm a player", I said to myself,
then I discovered I was stupid as well.
If that was romance I'd give myself a pass
but all this inspiration was probably just an expression narcissism and lust.  

Don't waste time trying to find gossips about this one,
It isn't worth it, nothing will happen, [Greek expression] "the bird has flown".


The 5 poems

Day 1: The first and smallest one started quite dramatically.

This moon is burning my eye,
And as the tears are strangling my fears,
There's only one thought in my head,
How, without eyes, will I ever see you again?

Day 2: I got X-rated quite quickly.

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