You may have heard about a cisgender male comedian that made some jokes about our trans siblings. I don't plan to talk if people should be cancelled, and I won't waste time arguing if we should make fun of a minority that is the target of so many. I haven't dwelled much in the controversy and don't expect people have time for all the "controversies" that arise daily. This is the world we live in today.

What I think we can do is to celebrate some of the LGBTQ stand up comedians that are stronger than ever. After all, we all deserve a good laugh. So go ahead and enjoy the talent of our community is that is overflowing.

I've watched and loved all of them.

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Cassie Workman - Trans Issues

Pearse Egan - Irish gay comedian on queerness and body image

9 Gold LGBTQ+ comedians

Margaret Cho - Her mum and the gays

Several all favourites from the Apollo

Jes Tom - Non-binary Trans issues

Dewayne Perkins - Straight for money

Gara Lonning - Coming out and more

Mateo Lane - The gay man with the deli face

Mae Martin - Mum & Relationships

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