Twenty-four couples replied to incredibly intimate and judgemental questions, so you won't ever have to be the prick who asks them.

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Μy open relationship

Q6. Is romance with third people allowed? How?

"It was initially, but we kinda fell in love with someone together once and him us. Now I think we are more open to it but don't necessarily seek it out.

"Romance is allowed. Part of trying not to lie to each other acknowledges that we can't sleep with others without romance and attachments forming. Denying that this process is intrinsic to openness is the beginning of hiding those attachments from each other: the beginning of cheating."

"Not allowed but has happened and created issues."

"Yes, just for fun, we are smart guys; we know what love is and what is fun."

"Never really discussed this. For us, this would verge on polyamory, and we're pretty happy just the two of us. I have gone for drinks with my hookup either before or after initially having sex. But I'd never considered it a date."

"Threesomes? Yes, but nothing romantically (yet)"

"We have an open relationship, but we don't consider ourselves polyamorous."

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