A few months ago the More Colour More Pride group started spreading the idea of a new Pride flag. The goal is to highlight the struggles of the black and brown LGBT people. Discussions and debates have sparked since.

One thing is sure; we are polarised.

After reading all your answers, I distilled the following opinion drivers.

Main reasons supporting

  1. People of colour do not enjoy the perks of the LGBT Rights Movement to the extent the rest of us do.
  2. By having a flag that uplifts the more suppressed of us we send a message of inclusion.

Main reasons against

  1. There is a strong connection with the current flag and it would be hard to see it change.
  2. The Pride flag does not talk about skin tones. Adding skin tones will create confusion and a constant debate that no one needs.
  3. Aesthetic reasons.

Some of your opinions

Q: Should we add more colours on the Pride/Rainbow flag? How do you feel about adding brown and black?

Super important to include the lives of our black and brown queer sisters and brothers in our day to day mind set. Their struggle has been and will continue to be a lot harder than my cis white gay life. All queers are represented under the regular rainbow flag as it is but the lives of the black and brown communities (past and present) need to be recognised for sure. I’m unsure if additional stripes would suffice? Is a stripe good enough? — Si

I think these are important for representing the struggle of black and brown folks within our community, whose is greater than that of the white folx. — Anonymous

Intersectionality matters. In favour — Mickerz

I am not against it, but weren’t the rainbow colors already picked to represent everyone? — Anonymous

Nations are slow to change flags as their citizens change, the pride flag should be slow to change also. If more and more is added the flag it will not linger be recognisable as the Pride flag — Anonymous

No, it’s ridiculous. There’s no need to change it. The rainbow flag already represents EVERYONE in the gay community. — Anonymous

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My opinion

Initially, I was siding with the people wondering “Why is this matter important?”. After reading your answers and listening to many opinions in person, I realised why this subject does matter.

Because the way we make decisions is flawed.

I fell victim of this polarising question I came across on social media, and the same way most of you did.

And see why.

There is no gay lord and I couldn’t see Madonna or Cher taking a decision to change our flag themselves. So, how could we possibly change such a symbol? Who could decide on that?*

[*Added note on why I think it would not impossible to take a decision to change the Pride flag now:
1. Printing flags can be a big cost for many NGOs and individuals.
2. Environmentally, this would be another disaster. I am sure it would be taken into consideration if a decision like this was somehow to be taken.
3. The struggles of brown and black people are not relevant everywhere as there might be no brown and black people in big parts of this world.]

So many people have been divided on social media about changing the flag for no reason.

The true question is: Would we allow the new Pride/Rainbow flag to exist? I am a firm believer that we are not divided on this question.

The idea that a new Pride flag would change the Pride flag as we know it, is similar to the idea that gay marriage will shake the foundations of the traditional marriage.

Our opposition to anyone flying any flag is similar to the oppression our community is experiencing.

Even if all flags in the next Pride look like the new Pride flag, no one can stop you from creating your version of a flag you see yourself in. We should all feel empowered to demonstrate our pride in who we are with whichever flag suits us.

When we express our opinions we should take extra care in saying things like: “This colour is ugly.” Especially, when the colour was meant to match a skin tone. I am a designer and I understand how aesthetics are important but equality and people are above fashion and personal taste.

My point is: The Pride flag won’t change. Not as long as we have ink and pixels that can show the intended colours. The new flag shall exist and we should not get divided and act as bigots opposing it or getting trapped in polarizing games.

Lastly, if you have a problem with the new flag existing at all, I have bad news. You are a bigot.*

*Added note. According to, a bigot is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Based on that, anyone who is against the existence of the flag at all is a bigot. People who are just against the complete and unilateral adoption the new flag are not bigots. They are just people with opinions.

Read more about the story of the Pride flag

A big number of readers knew nothing about the meaning behind the Pride flag. I added bellow key points from an article in the Huffington Post.


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