What we do

Questionmark is an online magazine that uncovers stories, opinions and issues that are not discussed enough within the LGBTQ+ community.

What we are looking for

We are looking for more content creators that are willing to either
A. Find stories from the LGBTQ+ community and share them with our audience
B. Take over a specific queer issue they are passionate about and research, document and create content around it or
C. Create a column on a queer issue/matter they are passionate about
D. Create surveys about queer issues and share the results with Questionmark.

Issues of Special Interest

- Minority identity
- People of colour
- LGBT Parenting
- Disabilities & healthcare
- Coming out
- Substance abuse
- News, Rights, Politics
- Trans, Non-binary, Asexual issues
- Queer education and history
- Etc

What we are offering

  • Depending on the effort needed and the article/column/post/video content, we make a specific payment per piece that will be agreed between Questionmark and the creator (for example €50/piece).
  • Personal creator's page on Questionmark.lgbt/creator_name
  • Opportunity to have sponsored content on posts with revenue sharing

Need more information?

Reach out at iam@mikemark.com or on Instagram

How to apply

Send an enquiry to iam@mikemark.com with 1. The idea of the content you'd like to create 2. Either a piece of your work (written, video or whatever else you prefer) or an example of the content you'd be interested in creating.