We don't create a lot of opportunities in our lives to share the things that shape us. The stories from the anonymous contributors below are the proof.

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Ilya Kharkow

Perfect Date In Ukraine

by Ilya Kharkow - “Beauty can be a more formidable obstacle than a barrier of barbed wire” Jean Genet Hey, how’s it hanging? Damn, it’s hot as hell today. The heat’s making my head spin. And also, my head is spinning from a story...


Not your doll

The absence of Sexual Education from the Indonesian school curriculum played a role in the traumatic events that shaped my childhood and defined how Ι see men.


Living a double life

It is a great punishment to live the way I do. Still quite interesting when I get to sneak out and enjoy the flexibilities I can feast on in this hostile to my endeavours society.


From Syria, with love.

In our first conversation, I asked him where the classroom for my first lecture was. He could immediately tell I was not from Damascus because of my accent. He said he was also studying journalism, and my heart jumped like a little rabbit.


"Just keep the fire burning"

"If love is a crime, then I'm willing to be wanted." Unknown to 2Baba, he was crooning the soundtrack to the lives of all queer Africans. There are 32 countries where being queer is synonymous with being willing to be wanted by law enforcement. When this song debuted, that number was higher.

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