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Angelos Bollas

Tops, Bottoms, Vers & Sides!

If you have watched Channel 4's TV show Cucumber (2015), you will probably be familiar with the character of Henry Best (Vincent Franklin), a middle-aged gay man who does not engage in penetrative sex with other men not out of some trauma or fear of being in pain, as some...

Mike Questionmark

My Open Relationship

This post is part of a series Open Relationships 101 > Questionmark on Open Relationships Part 1 > Part 2 >    Part 3 >    Part 4 Μy open relationship Now, this is probably the scariest post I've ever written. Although I was the one who compiled all these questions and the first one to...

Mike Questionmark

How can anyone be proud to be LGBT?

Have you ever had a dystopian nightmare? The kind of nightmare that a far-right-wing government takes over your country and the police is raiding your house. If you belong to a minority, you have much higher chances of having such a night vision, or worse, you may be living in one right now.

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