The science is very clear about the risk of HIV being passed on through sex; if you are HIV-positive, on effective treatment with an undetectable viral load, and are having sex without condoms with someone who is HIV-negative, the risk of HIV being passed on is zero. The stigma though still remains.

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How HIV almost took my degree

Just a few days before my program started, I received a letter from the bank. They were notifying me that they were not in a position to offer me a loan as it requires life insurance, and life insurance couldn't be issued for HIV positive people. The news broke me.


Turning HIV+ in the Middle East [Updated]

My HIV story started in 2014 when one of my dreams got true; I got accepted as a member of the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines. I was preparing to get my visa to move to Dubai and got advised to do some tests in my home country before moving over.


Drugged, raped and pozzed

I had relocated to Spain just eight months before and the change of scene from Dublin to Barcelona was beyond what I had expected. In Dublin, I lived a very sheltered life, very naive and innocent and didn’t get myself involved in the gay scene. It just didn’t interest me. When I moved here, I...


Cannot have HIV twice*

The following story was sent to my inbox anonymously through the surveys section []. Do you have a story? Share it with Questionmark. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “When I arrived in Dublin, I got drunk in freedom and got addicted to my newly felt independence. – *Information on title...


Just one pill a day, I thought

One of my best friends once told me that our dreams secretly tell us what we want the most. I don’t know if that’s true, but I often dream I’m flapping my wings and flying high. As crazy as it sounds, freedom is still something that I...

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