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First time in a darkroom

I first heard the phrase "Dark Room" around 2005. A heinous Greek talk show host had invited a gay couple living abroad to talk about the wicked lifestyle of being gay. Amazingly, the pair kept the conversation light and safe for an afternoon program despite being incredibly transparent and honest...

Mike Questionmark

Biggest one ever

Hey queers and allies, A new chapter starts for Questionmark; I've created a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of sourcing more real stories from all over the world and supporting LGBTQ+ writers. Share Questionmark's Kickstarter. It will mean the world to me. Best, Mike...

Mike Questionmark

Ask away #1

I'm an expert on nothing, but here I am, replying to your questions, giving advice or self-reflecting. Got a question? Please send it to iam@mikemark.com, or message me on Instagram, Twitter or anonymously with NGL. Question 1. My parents have never supported me financially since I left home,...

Mike Questionmark

I sent poems to a married man

I don't consider myself a poet. I've barely ever shown any interest in poetry, although here and there, some poems felt very close to me. Recently, I found myself amid a digital flirt, the task was simple, make words rhyme before the sun sets, I had to do this for...

Mike Questionmark

🍆 Size queens 👑

A lot has happened since the last time I've written on Questionmark. Not only in my personal life but in the world as well. I wanted to write an article about once a week, but, unfortunately, there was no time. And from all the things challenging this world and our...

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