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The kickstarter campaign has started funding the international articles on Questionmark, social media publicity for these pieces, and advertisement to bring more site subscribers.

Below you can find the breakdown of the costs incurred so far for the project "Amplifying Queer stories from all over the world".


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Costs so far and respective articles

€106 Kickstarter Fees + Money not paid from backers

€15.58 Upwork* (1st charge) - Not healthy to touch another man's dick
€5.19 Upwork* (2nd charge)- Not healthy to touch another man's dick

€20.87 Upwork* - What my therapist told me about my bottom surgery

€20 Meta ad - Promoting crowdfunding campaign

€30 Upwork* KPop article (not yet published)

€40 Upwork* Living a double life (not yet published)

€40 Upwork* I'm not your Doll (not yet published)

€20 Upwork* Abraham's story from Mexico (not yet published)

€20 Upwork* Menenabas story from Ghana (not yet published)

Total spend so far: €317.64

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* is the website I'm using to find people to share their stories.

Articles funded by this campaign

“Not healthy to touch another man’s d!ck”
I grew up in Zimbabwe in a family of three boys, and I am the last one. For this story, I will be Patrick. This is the name I often use online as a nickname. Where can I start this complicated story I never found anyone to tell from?
What my therapist told me about bottom surgery
This story was crowdfunded by Questionmark’s Kickstarter campaign. It was a cold winter day. I headed onto the bus to meet my therapist for the first time. She was a worker at an LGBTQ+ association in my native country of Slovenia, so I was rather excited as a young and