Ilya Kharkow

Ilya Kharkow

Lisbon, Portugal Website

Writer from Ukraine, author of THE MINING BOYS

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Ilya Kharkow

Perfect Date In Ukraine

by Ilya Kharkow - “Beauty can be a more formidable obstacle than a barrier of barbed wire” Jean Genet Hey, how’s it hanging? Damn, it’s hot as hell today. The heat’s making my head spin. And also, my head is spinning from a story...

Ilya Kharkow
Mike Questionmark

Ilya Kharkow, I destroy the sense of all insults

Marilyn Monroe once said that love and work are the only worthwhile things in life. Trying to combine them, I invented sex. What do our readers need to know about you? My name is Ilya Kharkow. I like polo shirts, anarcho-individualism and PrEP. I’m a writer from Ukraine, but...

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