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Do Fetishes Have a Place In Our Pride Parades?

The “Yes” ones

I think they do, pride is all about celebrating our sexual orientation, sexuality and for some, a huge part of their sexuality centres around fetishes. So why wouldn’t you want to include it? People will probably say that pride shouldn’t be sexualised it should be more about equality and fighting for freedoms, but to those people I say the freedom to express your sexuality without judgement on your own terms is one of the very freedoms that the LGBT community has fought for. — / @quench_IE

Being LGBT is already sexually non-normative, and fetishes are, too. Being part of a fetish community is also an important part of life for many LGBT people (I think it comes from: once you’ve already realised you don’t have to live a vanilla, monogamous straight life, because you’re LBGT, you feel freer to try other things, too), so why not celebrate those subcommunities? — Philip

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