Recently I asked my Instagram friends what advice would they give to the people who raised them. The answers I received were amazing so here is a post with advice for parents with LGBT children.

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So, what advice would you give to your parents, mother, father, grandparents or the people who raised you?

Use the comments below to leave your own answers. All answers with hate content or promotional links will be filtered out.

“Never change. The older I get the more I realise what they actually did for me.”

“A child might win a 1000 battles in the real world but the 1 battle they have at home with their parents can make them or break them. if you can’t understand your child’s gender identity or sexuality just stand behind them and support them”

“Let your child dream”

“Teach your child how to save money”

“Don’t be afraid to say No”

“When your son comes out, remember it’s not about you. It’s about them.”

“Lead by example”

“My advice would be: Never call your children lazy. You will either make them lazy or workaholic!”

“Even if you have strong beliefs, try to listen and respect your children’s will as well”

“Sober up and be better with money”

“Help your child make their own decisions and support them”

“Be aware that your actions have a huge impact on your kid’s mental health. Your kid won’t be forever your kids and they might cut you out of their lives if you remain toxic. That day will come and your kids will learn they can be children and parents of their own. They won’t need you. So take the time and learn to listen and learn.”

“I would advise my parents to stay healthy no matter what, their children want to live more moments with them”

“Please attend your kids’ graduation”

“Foster empathy, especially on times of turmoil”

“Listen to the things said without words”

“Don’t make things that easy”

“You only live once. Dream more, play hard and realise yourselves. Teach your children that as well.”

“Stop working this hard. You are missing all your children’s childhood.”

“Making homophobic remarks will not help your children come out”.

Travel more and read more books with your children”

“Don’t tell your children to change. Show them why.”

“Teach your children to fucking brush their teeth. They are children, they won’t do it by themselves.”

“Admitting as a parent that you made a mistake is not a sign of weakness”

“Take your children to Pride. Show them you are progressive.”

“Teach your children how and why to be responsible for themselves and the world around them but don’t expect them to be responsible for you.”

“Try non-monogamy, it might be great for your marriage”

“Give your children freedom. They need to make mistakes in a controlled environment.”

“Show your love more often.”

“Be more supportive.”

“Don’t reject them for being gay.”

“Rest more. Don’t work yourselves to the bone.”

“Read about parenting. Talk to others. Don’t just improvise.”

“What you think is best for your children might not be.”

“Verbalise your love more often. Time waits for no one and you will find it out the hard way”.

“You are a great father. Can you be a better husband?”

“Teach your children discipline”

“Show your children love and affection”

What advice would you give to your parents or the people who raised you?

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