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Questionmark (QM) started in January '22 with the goal to create a space for anonymous stories, opinions, and the realities that shape us.

QM wants readers to realise that every shady queen, every boring colleague, their parent and every single person they have ever met has at least one story that significantly shaped the people they are today.

QM wants to create a culture of sharing what makes us sad or happy, what hurts or uplifts us. QM is part of the movement where everyone is encouraged to talk out more creating a world where we all communicate better, understand deeper, encourage more and judge less.

Some highlights

Some of my favourite sad stories

Drugged, raped and pozzed
I had relocated to Spain just eight months before and the change of scene from Dublin to Barcelona was beyond what I had expected. In Dublin, I lived a very sheltered life, very naive and innocent and didn’t get myself involved in the gay scene. It just didn’t interest me.When I moved here, I...
[Substance Abuse] I didn’t know I was a drug addict
This is a story from an anonymous reader about how their experience with alcohol and drugs since a very young age and how they have come out through this tunnel with the help of AA. “I started drinking and using drugs when I was about 16. At the time, I
Growing up black and gay: Tired of being different #BLM
This is a personal story about racism and how it is to grow up black and gay ina white man’s world. There is a common misconception that I haven’t experienced racism or that ithasn’t affected my life. I’m university educated, I have a great

Some of my own articles

Sad yet hopeful. My coming out story
I was asleep when my mum woke me up softly. Tears were running down her face.She looked confused. “Come to the living room, please. I don’t want to wake yourbrother up”. There is no right time for people to learn you are LGBT. There is no wrong
Open Relationships 101
Mike’s introduction to Open Relationships -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post is the first of a series. Some of the posts are for paid subscribersonly. All projects will become free in the following weeks. Open Relationships 101 [https://qu…
Can the Pope be an LGBTQ+ ally?
Will we ever parade on Pride along with a bunch of priests?Pope Francis is attracting a great deal of pink publicity. Most of the articlesI read, some of them from LGBTQ+ publications, paint a rather pink profile forthe Pope. To many, he seems to be an LGBTQ+

Some paid-subscriber-only articles

My Open Relationship
This post is part of a series Open Relationships 101 > Questionmark on Open Relationships Part 1 >Part 2 > Part 3 > Part 4 Μy open relationship Now, this is probably the scariest post I’ve ever written. Although I was the one who compiled all these questions and the first one to
I sent poems to a married man
I don’t consider myself a poet. I’ve barely ever shown any interest in poetry, although here and there, some poems felt very close to me. Recently, I found myself amid a digital flirt,the task was simple, make words rhyme before the sun sets,I had to do this for
Dating App Stories
Story 1: Noone is stealing my purse, bitch. One night I fancied some roleplay and chatted with a guy on Grindr who was up for it. He lived quite far but my profile description caught his attention even though I didn’t have a profile pic. We then exchanged face

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