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From Syria, with love.

In our first conversation, I asked him where the classroom for my first lecture was. He could immediately tell I was not from Damascus because of my accent. He said he was also studying journalism, and my heart jumped like a little rabbit.


"Just keep the fire burning"

"If love is a crime, then I'm willing to be wanted." Unknown to 2Baba, he was crooning the soundtrack to the lives of all queer Africans. There are 32 countries where being queer is synonymous with being willing to be wanted by law enforcement. When this song debuted, that number was higher.


What my therapist told me about bottom surgery

She was kind and understanding, assured me we would get through this together, and told me I'd soon be more comfortable in my own skin. She understood that this is who I am, which filled me with optimism. I had finally found someone on my side that understood what I was going through.

Mike Questionmark

First time in a darkroom

I first heard the phrase "Dark Room" around 2005. A heinous Greek talk show host had invited a gay couple living abroad to talk about the wicked lifestyle of being gay. Amazingly, the pair kept the conversation light and safe for an afternoon program despite being incredibly transparent and honest...

Angelos Bollas

Tops, Bottoms, Vers & Sides!

If you have watched Channel 4's TV show Cucumber (2015), you will probably be familiar with the character of Henry Best (Vincent Franklin), a middle-aged gay man who does not engage in penetrative sex with other men not out of some trauma or fear of being in pain, as some...

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